Return the python method at the given address.

module_method_address is a string which consists of module address and method name separated by ‘:’.

Return all component descriptions from maverig/data/components as dict from sim_model to component description content

Return all simulator descriptions as dict from simulators name to simulator description content

Return the content dict of a *.json file, obj)

Write a content dict (obj) into a *.json file

Return the application configuration dict from maverig/data/cfg.json

Write cfg into the configuration file maverig/data/cfg.json.

Write the default settings in into the configuration file maverig/data/cfg.json.


Bases: object

Constants with configuration dict keys.

UI_STATE = 'ui_state'
MAIN_WINDOW_GEOMETRY = 'main_window_geometry'
MAIN_WINDOW_STATE = 'main_window_state'
SPLITTER_MAIN_GEOMETRY = 'splitter_main_geometry'
SPLITTER_MAIN_STATE = 'splitter_main_state'
SPLITTER_LEFT_GEOMETRY = 'splitter_left_geometry'
SPLITTER_LEFT_STATE = 'splitter_left_state'
SPLITTER_RIGHT_GEOMETRY = 'splitter_right_geometry'
SPLITTER_RIGHT_STATE = 'splitter_right_state'
IS_ATTRIBUTE_PANEL_VISIBLE = 'is_attribute_panel_visible'
IS_COMPONENT_PANEL_VISIBLE = 'is_component_panel_visible'
IS_CONSOLE_PANEL_VISIBLE = 'is_console_panel_visible'
IS_PROGRESS_BAR_VISIBLE = 'is_progress_bar_visible'
IS_PROPERTY_PANEL_VISIBLE = 'is_property_panel_visible'
IS_STATUS_BAR_VISIBLE = 'is_status_bar_visible'
ATTRIBUTE_GRAPHS_VISIBLE = 'attribute_graphs_visible'
GENERAL_SETTINGS = 'general_settings'
LANGUAGE = 'language'
SIMULATION_SETTINGS = 'simulation_settings'
IS_DAY_NIGHT_VIS_ENABLED = 'is_day_night_vis_enabled'
IS_HEAT_VALUE_EFFECT_FOR_GRIDS_ENABLED = 'is_heat_value_effect_for_grids_enabled'
IS_HEAT_VALUE_EFFECT_FOR_CPP_ENABLED = 'is_heat_value_effect_for_cpp_enabled'
HEAT_VALUE_EFFECT_GRIDS = 'heat_value_effect_grids'
HEAT_VALUE_EFFECT_CPP = 'heat_value_effect_cpp'
MODE_PANEL_SETTINGS = 'mode_panel_settings'
INVISIBLE_COMPONENTS = 'invisible_components'
SHOW_INVISIBLE_COMPONENTS = 'show_invisible_components'

Return the nearest PySide.QtCore.QPointF raster coord position to pos.

Write keys found in components into language *.po files under maverig/data/languages in order to simplify the component developers translation process.

Create directories contained in path if they don’t exist.

Return the maverig directory, e.g. 'C:\Programs\maverig\maverig'.

Return the path relative to maverig directory.

For example get_relpath('C:\Programs\maverig\maverig\data') will return 'maverig\data'., sub_dir='', create_dir=False)

Return the complete normalized path for the current os environment.

For example get_normpath('maverig\data\configs\cfg.json') or get_normpath('cfg.json', sub_dir='maverig\data\configs') will return 'C:\Programs\maverig\maverig\data\configs\cfg.json'.

Set create_dir to True if non existing directories should be created.

Return the complete component icon path for the given filename relative to maverig/data/components/icons.

Return the complete icon path for the given filename relative to maverig/data/icons.

Return the complete languages locale path of maverig/data/languages/.

Return the complete temporary files path for the given filename relative to maverig/data/temp.

Return the complete configuration file path for the given filename relative to maverig/data/configs.